Have you planned to attend any of these British festivals?

Britain has many unique and exciting festivals strewn across the country. In this article, we will review some of the popular British Festivals you should try this year.

So popular are some that they inspire people from the world over to travel to Britain to attend the events taking place.

There is an incredible variety of British festivals in and around the country.

Let’s look at some of the best and most interesting British festivals you should try this year.

Aldeburgh Music Festival, Suffolk

In June of each year, many of the world’s leading classical musicians congregate on the Suffolk coast. They light up the 17-day event that is the Aldeburgh Festival.

Founded in 1948 by Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears and Eric Crozier, this fun and popular British festival has been recurring for many years.

Aldeburgh Classical British Music Festivals

Classical musicians and audiences enjoy fantastic music and compositions in a breathtaking environment.

Much of the program takes place in the concert halls and includes orchestral, chamber music, and opera.

If you decide to take a break from the musically based event, you can relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

Aldeburgh is a picturesque seaside town with much to offer. Don’t forget to check out the local fish and chips shops.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

In 2018, this British festival and “mad-car” event will celebrate 20 years of burning rubber.

It is an annual event featuring historic and classic cars and motorcycles that gather to race in a yearly ‘hill climb’.

The climb is divided into vehicle types or classes that compete in the event.

Goodwood British Festivals of Speed Classic Cars

This British festival happens in June each year in the park-like grounds of Goodwood House in East Sussex over 3 days.

Attendance numbers are limited and capped at 150,000 people due to the event’s popularity.

Isle of Wight Festival – spectacular music festival

The Isle of Wight Festival is one of the biggest British festivals in the country. It is held annually at Seaclose Park and known for its popular music bands and artists.

This musical event enjoys massive attendance numbers year after year, and some of the biggest and most recognizable names in music have performed here.

Isle of Wight British Festivals Newport

2018 saw the event celebrate its 50th anniversary. Past performers have included celebrities like Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, The Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Fleetwood Mac and Kings of Leon.

Each year visitors and music fans descend on the Isle of Wight to enjoy this popular British festival and see their favorite bands.

The Wilderness Festival – great outdoor British festival

If you are a foodie and a music lover, the Wilderness Festival is the place to be. This popular British festival is a 3-day event and takes place in August of each year.

The festival blends electric lineups and late-night party antics with stunning gastronomic experiences.

The Wilderness British Festivals Parade

Watch some of the best musicians perform while enjoying a meal prepared by a Michelin-starred chef.  Or sample different flavours at one of the expertly prepared wine tasting events.

Whether it is music, dancing or great food that you seek, it is all here for you to choose.

Guy Fawkes Day “Bonfire Night”

All over the country on the 5th November, Britain lights bonfires and sets off fireworks in their back gardens. 

Or attend organized events in public parks to commemorate the notorious “Gunpowder Plot”.

The now famously (or infamously!) failed attempt by Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

Bonfire Night Celebrations in Lewes

One of the best places to experience this fabulous British festival is in the East Sussex town of Lewes.

No less than seven bonfire societies parade through the town in costumes as they carry effigies including the Pope.

Along with Guy Fawkes, and huge flaming crosses. Barrels of flaming tar roll down the streets as they march to the edge of the town to light the enormous bonfires. There is also a spectacular fireworks show.

Thousands of revelers and spectators flood the narrow streets of the town every year to enjoy the festivities.

Sidmouth Folk Festival – best folk festival

Sidmouth Folk Festival is a popular British folk festival. Attendees can experience singing, dancing, and folk music of all kinds.

It happens in the East Devon resort of Sidmouth. Over 700 different events take place on the city’s streets and at the town’s local venues.

Sidmouth Folk British FestivalsDancers

Magnificent concerts, Ceilidh dancing, roots parties, and master class dances are all on display. This event attracts thousands of spectators from all over the globe.

This is a ‘must not miss’ British festival for folk music lovers.

Notting Hill Carnival – one of the most colorful British festivals

For 2 days in August every year, thousands gather in the streets of the Notting Hill area. Flooding into this area of London to experience this brightly colored, magnificent event.

The huge crowd is accompanied by giant speakers and a massive sound system to add to the overall atmosphere.

Enjoy the sounds of African drums, steel bands, and calypso music. Sample the varied flavors of Caribbean street food sold from the many stalls at the event.

Notting Hill Caribbean Carnival british festivals

The Notting Hill Carnival features a popular carnival parade that starts and finishes on Ladbroke Grove.

The parade features over 60 floats, flags, dancers, music, vans, and bands and is possibly one of the most well known British festivals in the entire country.

Diwali, Leicester – one of the biggest British Indian festivals

There are many Diwali celebrations throughout Britain, including one at London’s well known Trafalgar Square. 

But none are comparable to the famous festival of lights hosted in Leicester to celebrate the event. 

Taking place every year during Autumn, Britain’s large Indian community gathers in Belgrave road to celebrate Diwali.

This British festival event is the biggest Diwali celebration in the whole world outside of India.

Diwali British Festivals of Lights Leicester

The energetic festival includes dancing and music to entertain the crowd. There is a count down to the thousands of beautiful, multi-colored lights that come to life.

For the grand fireworks display, people congregate and celebrate at the Cossington street recreation grounds.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – one of the best British festivals

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Street Performer

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is one of the largest festivals in the world. This popular event has racked up more than 50000 performances.

It boasts in excess of 3000 shows, in 313 different venues across Edinburgh.

During the last three weeks of August, professional performers showcase their talents. Taking to the city streets to entertain the crowds.

Jugglers, actors, mimes, and acrobats present shows of all genres to an eager audience.

This British festival offers a plethora of varied entertainment to experience with back to back shows from all genres.

Camp Bestival, Dorset

The Camp Bestival Festival is held in Dorset and is the smaller spin-off of Bestival. It is held in July on the grounds of the historic Lulworth castle.

The event offers a variety of entertainments and includes top live music acts across all genres. This festival is sure to have something to suit everybody’s taste.

Camp Bestival Lulworth Castle Dorset

This British festival is especially good for the kids as its purposely designed to appeal to younger audiences.

There is a wide variety of entertainment and fun to keep all ages busy. Live music, performances, workshops, and comedy shows provide great options to choose from.

No matter which event you decide to attend, British festivals are sure to offer much entertainment. They are great fun to attend and you could discover new bands, hobbies, or pastimes.

It’s a good way to meet new or like-minded people, and have a lot of enjoyment in the process.