Whether you live here or are just visiting and in search of the best vegan cafes in Leeds, we have compiled a list for you here. The demand for plant-based cuisine has never been higher and there are a number of restaurants and cafes that have popped up in Leeds to cater to that demand.

There are several vegan cafes in Leeds that are dotted around the city, all offering and array of gorgeous healthy food. Read on.

Temple Coffee – one of the best vegan cafes in Leeds

Leeds vegan cafes
Image from Temple Coffee and Donuts

An American style coffee shop that serves up vegan coffee and donuts. What started with the intention of being a couple of days a week enterprise Temple quickly gained a strong clientele.

Turns out the demand for vegan cafes in Leeds was bigger than anyone thought!

Temple Coffee has grown in to a thriving cafe employing 20 staff and turning out over 2000 donuts a day. They also have a good line of their own branded merchandise available.

Choose from a selection of hot or iced coffee, tasty floats, and vegan ice cream. The donuts are available individually or in boxes of 3 or 6.

Knaves Kitchen – one of the popular vegan junk food cafes in Leeds

vegan junk food cafe
Photo from Knaves Kitchen

Knaves Kitchen is one of the best vegan cafes in Leeds to get your junk-food fix. Serving a selection of burgers, hot dogs, and other delectable treats that are all 100% vegan. They even have their own twist on chicken and waffles that is a must-try.

If you are feeling extra indulgent then you can order the ‘Dirty Oreos’. Deep-fried Oreo cookies topped with vegan ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkles.


wapantake leeds

Located in Kirkgate this unusually named eaterie gets its name from an old Norse word for ‘assembly’ or ‘meeting place.’ Although not a truly vegan menu, the folks at Wapentake try and offer a vegan alternative to every single item.

There are also sweet treats available with a selection of vegan muffins and gluten free brownies to choose from. There is an excellent drinks menu and they feature an Acoustic night on Wednesdays.

Little Tokyo – one of the few Leeds vegan sushi cafes

vegan sushi

Not only has little Tokyo earned praise from Tripadvisor as the best sushi in town. It also offers a variety of vegan sushi. Most vegan cafes in Leeds offer a great variety of plant-based food, but vegan sushi is a rarity.

Little Tokyo has been serving up Japanese fair for the past two decades and they promise the best flavor and quality. Diners can select food options from the main menu, set menu, or sample the promotional and seasonal choices available.

Oranaise Cafe

Moroccan Vegetable Stew

Enjoy a taste of Northern Africa with this selection of Moroccan and Meditteranean food. This is one of the best vegan cafes in Leeds for dining with friends or enjoying a celebration.

The cafe is beautifully furnished in Moorish style creating a romantic, relaxed ambiance. There is a fully vegan menu for diners to make selections from. Dishes range from burgers and vegan pizzas to mezze platters and vegan kebabs.

Punk – diverse and fun vegan cafe

leeds vegan and vegetarian cafes
Photo from Punk

Vegetarian and vegan cafe located in Hyde park. Their entire menu is designed by chefs to make plant-based selections that promise no hidden ingredients. This Leeds based vegan eaterie is one of the cafes that’s striving to make vegan food diverse and fun.

Menu options feature pizza, burgers, wraps, and toasties as well as a selection of healthy bowls and sides. All of their dishes contain healthy and fresh ingredients that promise excellent quality.

Cantina – vegan cafe in a nightclub space

leeds vegan cafes
Photo from Cantina

This top-rated Leeds eaterie is one of the only vegan cafes located in a nigh club space. The Old Red Bus Station is available for nights out and private events and the Cantina was one of the city’s first all-vegan eateries.

Featuring and ever changing menu the food is fresh and inspired with a combination of classics and new original dishes. Big taste burgers, bar bites, and even vegan beer can be purchased here.

Fettle – best of Leeds vegan brunch cafes

leeds vegan cafes

Open for breakfast lunch and evening meals, Fettle provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The decor is organic and relaxed as the staff at Fettle believe that food tastes better when consumed in pleasant surroundings. They may be right!

This Leeds vegan cafe offers dishes like Pearl Barley Risotto and Mushrooms on Pumpernickel Rye toast. Dessert options are a little bit different with items like Artichoke Caramel, rye, walnut, oat custard and Douglas Fir Creme Brulee.

Kuala Lumpur Cafe

leeds malaysian vegan cafe

A Malaysian cafe that serves up a whole selection of vegan options for its customers. Authentic Asian food that promises to transport you to a Kampung (Malaysian village), and serves up the famous Nasi Lemak – a favorite dish of the country.

The menu features starters and main courses that are traditional fare and many are available as vegan meals. If you fancy going for lunch there is a 2 course special menu available at a reasonable price.

Roots and Fruits

leeds vegan cafes
Photo from Roots and Fruits

A vegan and vegetarian cafe that has been operating for 25 years. Almost everything on the premises is made from scratch and there is a selection of Fair Trade organic coffee available.

Roots and Fruits serve up light bites, salads, and sandwiches along with a specials board to choose from. Coffee, tea, and fruit juices are available along with a tasty selection of vegan treats. This is one of the most long-running vegan cafes in Leeds.


This cool cafe is somewhere between a fast food joint and a curry house. It offers a selection of freshly cooked Indian street food and is very conscious of catering to their vegan customers.

Recent menu additions include a vegan version of their popular Vada Pav burger, and they have recently introduced a special vegan chai made with oat milk. They also offer a vegan combo for 2 with a sampling of their menu favorites.


There is a wealth of vegan options and cafes in the city of Leeds and more are opening all the time. No matter what your food cravings, Japanese, Malaysian or just a good old fashioned burger, there are many Leeds vegan cafes that will provide good plant-based meals.