Do you remember these British male 80s singers?

When it comes to fashion, movies, and music, the 80s is certainly a decade to remember. This is a period that many remember fondly, and it became know for its vibrancy, extreme fashions, and its fun vibe.

Whatever you remember the 80s for, one thing that is difficult to forget is the music. In Britain, we had everything from electro-pop to New Romantic, and many have found it difficult to match the music of subsequent decades to that of the 80s.

It was after this decade that we began to see the advent of boy bands and girl groups hit the music scene.

There were plenty of great bands around in Britain in the 1980s, but there were also lots of great solo British male 80s singers. We will look at some of the top ones in this article.

David Bowie – popular British male singer of the 80s and other decades

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As we know, David Bowie’s career spanned decades, and the 1980s was just one of his many successful decades. This era, Bowie enjoyed great success and earned an army of new fans.

In this decade the British male 80s singer released a host of fabulous hits including Let’s Dance, Dancing in the Street, Ashes to Ashes, and Modern Love.

His distinctive voice and charisma ensured that Bowie enjoyed huge success during this decade, clocking up 24 hits and wowing the crowds – and filling the dance floors – with his tunes.

Gary Numan – alternative British male 80s singer

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When it comes to distinctive stars, Gary Numan was in a league of his own in the 1980s. With his distinctive electro sound and an image that seemed to combine New Romantic with Goth, he really stood out from the crowd.

His music was extremely distinctive and captured the attention of a generation – including, it seems, Goth star Marilyn Manson, who has stated in the past that Numan was an inspiration.

Over this decade, Gary brought out a huge variety of hits. This included Cars, We are Glass, I Die You Die, and She’s Got Claws. he is one of the most well-remembered alternative British male singers of the 80s.

Eddy Grant

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Eddy Grant was a big name in the British music industry and around the globe in the 1980s. His talents went beyond singing, as he also wrote and played music.

He was a founding member of one the Britain’s first racially diverse pop groups, The Equals before he branched off into a solo career. As a solo artist, he enjoyed great success and attracted fans of all ages and ethnicities.

During the decade this British male 80s singer enjoyed a very successful career, notching up several top ten hits including a number one, I Don’t Wanna Dance. He also had other very popular hits including Electric Avenue, and Gimme Hope Johanna.

Rick Astley

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For many people, Rick Astley is one of the faces and voices that represents the British male singers of the 80s. When it comes to British male 80s singers, he is one of the first artists people think of.

From a runner and teaboy at a music studio, he rocketed to fame with his huge hit, Never Gonna Give You Up. Nobody expected such an incredible and powerful voice to come from this unassuming and shy-looking young man.

Astley became a household name as a result of this first hit. He went on to notch up many other top ten hits over the course of the decade. This included Whenever You Need Somebody, When I Fall in Love, Together Forever, and She Wants to Dance with Me.

Peter Gabriel – most played video of the 80s

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Once the frontman of the rock band Genesis, Peter Gabriel went on to form a very successful solo career. Throughout the 1980s, he enjoyed success with a great lineup up of music and his quirky style.

One video that many people will remember from the 80s is the video to Gabriel’s hit song Sledgehammer. The video is said to have been the most played video on MTV of all time according to a 2011 report.

The single also won many awards, making it a firm anthem of the 1980s. Gabriel also had other hits during that decade, and this included the distinctive Games without Frontiers, and a duet with Kate Bush, Don’t Give Up.

Nik Kershaw – British male 80s singer

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With a pop sound and a punk look, Nik Kershaw had quite a diverse following when it came to fans. He was cool and edgy but also a pin-up star and one of the British male singers whose face adorned the walls of many 80s teens.

Kershaw enjoyed tremendous success with his songs and videos. He notched up five top ten hits, and his quirky style and voice ensured he was relevant throughout the decade.

Some of the great hits that Kershaw released in the were; I won’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, The Riddle, Wouldn’t It Be Good, Wide Boy, and Don Quixote. He is one of the well-remembered British male singers of the 80s.

Paul Young

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Paul Young was another solo artist that became one of the top British male 80s singers. His gritty yet soothing voice made him a huge star, and he became something of a heartthrob among teens.

While he was in a band for a short while, it was performing as a British male 80s solo singer that made Young’s career really take off.

Young had a succession of hugely popular hits. Some of these included Wherever I Lay My Hat, Love of the Common People, Come Back and Stay, and Every Time You Go Away.

Howard Jones

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Rocking the punk look combined with a New Romantic edge, Howard Jones was instantly recognizable. His unique style and character made him stand out from many other British male 80s singers of the decade.

Jones clocked up six top ten hits during the 1980s. This included hits such as What Is Love, New Song, Like to Get to Know You Well, and Things Can Only Get Better.

A musical decade to remember

With a combination of New Age Punk, Goth, New Romantic, and classic pop, it is little wonder that the 1980s has become known as one of the most wonderful decades for music.

While music changes all the time, and artists come and go, many of us will remember the British solo male artists of the 1980s with a special fondness.