Looking for vegan sweets to eat while you travel? You know how it is. You’re riding in the car or travelling on an overnight flight, and the sweet tooth hits.

You just want something to satisfy that sugar craving. For many, its no bit deal, simpy visit the nearest kiosk or vending machine and obtain the sugary snack of your choosing.

For vegans, however, being able to locate sweets and snacks that fits in with dietary requirements is a little tricker. Our advice, load up before you go. Be prepared when the sugar craving hits by having some of these tasty treats on hand.

Super Sweets Vegan Sweet, Sour and Fizzy Jellies Assortment 1kg

vegan travel sweets

This selection contains a great assortment of vegan sweet, sour and fizzy jelly sweets. Great vegan sweets to eat while you travel.

Each pack will contain a mix of different sweet, sour and fizzy sweets. Varieties included will depend on stock availability but will always contain a great mix of at least 20 (usually more than 20) different types of vegan jelly sweets. This is the best mix of vegan sweets you will find.

  • Vegan, vegetarian, and halal-friendly sweet selection specially selected and packed by Super Sweets.
  • Ideal for adults and children alike, perfect for sharing with friends and family, and can be the perfect gift for any vegan. comes in a heat-sealed labeled Super Sweets bag.
  • Use for party bags, celebrations, Halloween, candy buffet, keeping in desk at work, cinema treats, birthdays, Christmas, gifts, and more.
  • Over 20 different varieties of vegan jelly sweets.
  • Only the best quality and freshest sweets used.

All Sorts Fizzy Mega Mix Bag of Vegan Sweets, Sour, Candy Jelly Chewy Treats (Fizzy Mega Bag)

vegan sweets

Our sweets are manufactured keeping in mind how we can offer the maximum value to our customers. We have picked sweets which are not only tasty but are vegan as well. Great vegan diets on travel or road trips.

They are also vegetarian sweets which make them suitable for anyone that is looking for gelatine, animal and dairy-free products.

Along with offering you our great variety of vegan pick n mix, we also offer vegan fudge, vegan coconut ice, a vegan gluten-free range, and also a vegan palm oil free range.

  • Our mega bags have been handpicked to bring you the best selection of vegan sweets. From sour, sweet, fizzy, fizz free jelly, chewy candy. These sweets will gratify your taste buds as they offer fruity and juicy flavours.
  • Our vegan candy and sweets are made from quality ingredients and contain natural flavourings. All produced with no animal products meaning that they are suitable for all those looking for halal approved, gelatine and dairy-free products
  • We provide you with a variety of options to choose your favourite sweets and candy or better yet try them all. Mega, Fizzy, Fizz Free, Gluten-Free, Cola Mix, and BonBon.
  • All our bags have been created with convenience in mind as they are re-sealable keeping these tasty treats fresh and safe. So why wait, grab them now!

Heavenly Sweets 100% Vegan Snack and Candy Box – Vegetarian, No-Dairy

vegan travel snack box

This pack comes chock-full of approximately 100 pieces of sweets to tickle your taste buds, astound your appetite, and wow your wee ones! Super vegan sweets perfect to take when you travel.

  • This box is loaded with approximately 100 assorted classic English sweets and candy, so you don’t have to be shy. Indulge in your guilty pleasures!
  • Supply a party with favours, or simply share your coveted treats. From Fizzers Mini and Fruity Pops to Rainbow Dust Straws, there is plenty to go around.
  • No animals were harmed or included in the making of these British candies. Plus, we pack our boxes fresh every week to ensure your sweets last with a min. 4-month shelf-life.
  • Every order of our Party Mix Box comes with a money-back assurance, for whatever reason. No questions asked!

Tabby’s Treats All Vegan Retro Sweets Selection Box

sweets for travel

This great Vegan selection of travel sweets is beautifully presented in a re-useable brown kraft box. As the contents may present a choking hazard for very young children, this product is not suitable for children under three years of age.

  • Eighteen Vegan-friendly varieties, attractively presented in a brown kraft box
  • Refreshers, Strawberry Refreshers, Sour Apple Refresher, Vimto, Stinger, Swizzels Whistles, Swizzels Fizzers, Drumstick, Drumstick Chew Bar, Double Dip, Dip Dab, Skittles, Fruity Pops, Giant Love Hearts, Love Heart Dip, Giant Parma Violets, Rainbow Drops, it has them all
  • Item exactly as illustrated with no substitutions and contains no loose sweets

Vivani Organic Vegan Chocolate Mixed Bars Collection

vegan chocolate

This Ultimate pack of Vegan Chocolates is great for trips and travel. It contains- 2 x Vivani Organic White Nougat Crisp Chocolate Bar 35 g, 2 X Vivani Organic Chocolate Black Cherry Bar 35 g, 2 X Vivani Organic Chocolate Crispy Corn Flakes 35g, 2 X Vivani Organic Chocolate Mandel Orange Rice Chocolate 35g

  • A vegan highlight for all lovers of vegan chocolate
  • Dairy-free vegan Chocolates, packed with superior natural organic goodness
  • Quality German Chocolate, perfect for Snacking
  • A great value way of discovering new products that support an active and healthy lifestyle

New England Cookie Co. Hand Baked Biscuits Assortment 4 Pack x 150g

vegan cookies biscuits

Superb cookies for a sweet vegan travel treat. A hand-baked selection of premium quality biscuits in a four variety assortment, Salted Caramel, Choc Chip, Orange Choc Chip, and Fruit Shortbread.

  • 4 x 150g packs of traditional biscuits, baked in the United Kingdom
  • 100% suitable for Vegan & Vegetarian diets
  • Free from preservatives, with no artificial flavourings or colours
  • Presented in a branded brown kraft re-cycleable box
  • Premium quality everyday biscuits, perfect for gifting and sharing, or just for you

When you are planning your next road trip and need some vegan travel sweets for the journey, make sure you stock up with one or more of these from our list. Keep the kids happy and the wolf from the door!